Monday, April 27, 2009

Girnar Mountain Wildlife Junagadh Gujarat India

One Injured leopard was caged near Girnar Mountain Forest Area.

In a daring wildlife operation, foresters caged an injured leopard near Damodar Kund area in Girnar forest after tranquillising it on Friday.

According to forest officials, they rushed to Damodar Kund after receiving a message about a leopard sighting in the area. Officials located the animal lying in a nearby cave and decided to catch it while it was asleep.

"However, before we could make any advance, the leopard woke up to the noise made by villagers and began running. However, it fell after limping for a few steps and we realized the big cat was seriously ill," said assistant forest officer PS Babariya.

"We changed our plans as we didn't want to cause any injury to the leopard. We first called a veterinary doctor from Sakkarbag zoo in Junagadh before tranquillising the animal," said Babariya.

"The leopard was perched on a cliff, which the officials surrounded. Once the leopard was shot at with a tranquilliser gun, it sprang at one of the officials. However, before it could harm him, it became unconscious and fainted," he said.

The foresters carried the leopard on their back and shifted it to Sakkarbag zoo veterinary hospital, where during examination it was found that the big cat had developed a suppurating wound in his abdomen and was also suffering from jaundice.

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