Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Girnar Mountain Temples Climbing Competition News Saurashtra Gujarat India

State level Girnar climbing race on 3rd January 2010.

The annual state level Girnar climbing race will be held on 3rd January.

The competition this year has attracted 1496 applications for participation from 18 districts of the state. Of this 1022 applications are from Junagadh districts.

Due to increased distance of race, this year, the competition has received 299 lesser applications compare to last year.

The Mount Girnar is tallest peak of Gujarat. Every year state level and national level competitions are held here. The participants run on steps that are well constructed on the hill to reach atop.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Rajkot Junagadh City Sorath News Saurashtra Gujarat India

Rajkot college director wins national award.

Ayaz Khan I Babi, the director of Rajkumar College, Rajkot City, has been conferred with the Guruvar Award 2009 for lifetime achievement. Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal recently presented the award to Khan in New Delhi. The award carries prize money of Rs 10 lakh.

Khan, who belongs to the princely family of Parvin Babi from Panjod (Junagadh District), did not apply for the award, but his former students ensured that he got 62,000 nominations. Khan’s students include slain Maharashtra cadre IPS officer Ashok Kamte and Kenyan cricketer Hitesh Modi among others.

Guruvar Award is a Vareky Gems Foundation initiative that has started from this year. Four teachers from four zones of the country have been selected for four categories of the award. The Guruvar award is given for lifetime achievement, outstanding Indian teacher, young teacher and teacher for children with special needs.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Una Taluka Junagadh District Saurashtra News Samachar Gujarat India

Over 80 kids fall ill after consuming midday meal in Junagadh.

Over 80 children of a primary school in Una taluka of Junagadh District suffered from food poisoning, after eating food served to them under midday meal scheme today, district officials said.

The incident took place in the primary school of Dudhada Village in Una Taluka where students started vomiting and complained of stomach ache after consuming mid-day meal, they said.

"Around 85 student of the Dhudhada primary school has been admitted to the Una government hospital after they suffered food poisoning," Junagadh collector AM Parmar told PTI.

"The food poisoning seems to have been caused due to food given to them under the midday meal scheme," he added.

Parmar said that students are under observation and are being treated at the Una hospital.

Police said that a case has been registered and further investigation in the matter was on.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Asiatic Lions Sasan Gir National Park Wildlife Jungle News India

Sasan Gir Wildlife Forest patrol staff to be equipped with GPS units.

Project will be in three phases starting 2010; will help Gir forest department maintain cartographic data on lion population.

Five hundred field staff manning the Sasan Gir Jungle will now have to be on their toes as senior officers of the Forest Department will be monitoring their on-field movements.

This comes after the state Ministry of Forest and Environment finalized the Rs 20 crore project of equipping the field staff with the Global Positioning System (GPS) Hand Held Units (HHU).

With this, the Forest Department will now be equipped to monitor the Asiatic lions on a daily basis by the end of 2010. This will fill up several gaps in the management, they say.

The project is the outcome of recommendations by the task force formed by MOEF on May 25, 2007 following a series of reports of poaching of Asiatic lions.

This system with a Geographical Information System (GIS) control room at the Junagadh forest office will provide a daily account of the surveillance activity and the dispersal of the big cats in the two divisions of Sasan Gir National Park.

Any senior officer at the headquarters will be able to keep daily tabs on the Asiatic lions and the surveillance staff with the help of maps — updated daily through the GIS system. Forest officers will know about the the location of the surveillance staff in the forest areas, as also which portion of the lion habitat has been patrolled or skipped in a month or in a week.

The system will also help keep tabs on areas where man and animal conflict has increased or decreased.

Senior officers at Gir said the entire lion habitat could be visualised through this system.

Pradeep Khanna, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Administration, said: “The tender for HHUs will be issued shortly. At present, 500 field staff will be equipped with these. Each of the HHUs will have specifications on the location of a kill and the reason behind the lion deaths (trauma or accidents). The project will be in three phases, beginning 2010. The state Forest Department intends to extend it to nearly 1,000 field staff.”

He said: “The Bangalore-based soft ware firm CMC institute will work on the project,” adding that the government has given the go ahead.

A senior forest officer said: “Nearly 20 per cent of the total population of Asiatic lions will be radio-collared so that their daily dispersal pattern can be properly assessed. At present, the monitoring of animal movement is limited to few research studies and projects.”

He said the day-to-day sightings are recorded and reported in forms, reports and registers, but the compilation and collation of such voluminous data for the entire lion population or even of the Gir Protected Area Network is manually not feasible on a daily or weekly basis.

“A longer time period will render the data obsolete. It is impossible to maintain a cartographic record of such data over a few years to generate long-term time-series and use it for trend-forecasting. But with the GIS in place, the forest officers will have ready data of the dispersal pattern of Asiatic lions,” he added.

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Unforgettable Journey For Asiatic Lions Junagadh District Gujarat India

In India, Cities like Rajkot, Jamnagar, Amreli, and Bhavnagar are famous for their tourist attractions. But Here I want to share about one another city from Gujarat State is Junagadh-Saurashtra.

Junagadh, one of the well-known city for its history background, lots of tourist attraction places like Girnar Mountains, Temples, Uperkot, and Sakkarbaug Zoo etc.

So if I am talk about Gir National Park which is also known as Sasan Gir locally lies in western Gujarat, established in 1965. It serves as a reserve forest for preserving the Asiatic lion. The vast terrain—forests, grasslands, rivers and swamps—supports the full Animal Planet menagerie including the antelope, leopard, deer, hyena, jackal and crocodile. The watering holes dotting the region attract myriad bird species—and these areas are jewels in Gujarat’s richly studded safari crown.

There were only a total of 15 tigers when the rehabilitation started. In 2001, the population grew to 338. In April of 2005 the numbers increased to 359. Visit national parks, especially the lions of Gir National Park to learn more about wildlife preservation. Bring along your children so that they can appreciate the beauty of nature at an early age. Teach and educate them about the importance of preserving nature.

Now if I am talk about Girnar Parvat at Junagadh City which is famous all over in Gujarat for Girnar Lili Parikrma which was lastly held at 29th October-2009 for 5 days.

The Parikrama was commence from Girnar Taleti, night halt at Jinabava Madhi, Marvella and Bordevi and return to the starting point on the fifth day.

Authorities like Junagadh Municipal Corporation, health care department, state transport, forest, water supply, police, in addition to social and religious organizations, are on the job of helping about one million pilgrims expected this year.

Mine Personal Touring experience at Junagadh City said that, “There are lots of trustable services available like “Various Nationalize Banks in different areas in city easily available. Rental Car, Bikes are also very cheap. E-commerce cousulting services, Food Zone, Restaurants with Various Menu available.””

May be after few years, with the help of Gujarat Tourism Department, sure Junagadh City can become main historical tourism hub in Gujarat.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Suryakant Acharya BJP MP Death Junagadh City News Gujarat India

BJP MP Suryakant Acharya passes away.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Rajya Sabha member Suryakant Acharya died at his residence in Junagadh City, Gujarat, in the early hours of today due to ailments related to old age.

He was 80. He is survived by his wife, Hemaben Acharya, who was the Health Minister in Gujarat from 1975-80.

Mr Acharya had held various posts at the state level in the BJP and was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat in August, 2005 for a six-year term.

The Rajya Sabha adjourned today without transacting any business after Chairman M Hamid Ansari informed the members about the death of Mr Acharya as soon as the House assembled. Members stood in silence for two minutes for their departed colleague.

The Rajya Sabha was to hold its last sitting of the Winter Session today but will now meet tomorrow.

In a condolence message, Mr Ansari said Mr Acharya had always championed the cause of the poor and the downtrodden.

"He shall always be remembered for his dedication, sense of public service and honesty," the Vice-President added.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saurashtra-Sorath Kathiyavad News Samachar Gujarat India

MP demands statehood for Saurashtra, Gujarat Congress says its personal opinion.

Even as Congress’ Porbandar MP Vithal Radadiya has demanded a separate state of Saurashtra, the state Congress has washed its hands off the issue.

Senior party leaders in Ahmedabad made it clear that it’s Radadiya’s personal opinion and the party would discuss the matter with him.

Two days after the UPA government gave its nod for a separate state of Telangana, Radadiya said: “I will formally represent the matter before the Center next week. We will do everything required to make the proposal.”

The Saurashtra Lokhit Sangathan Samiti, which was led by a former Congress minister, Mansukh Joshi from Rajkot City, had raised the issue for the first time many years ago.

According to Radadiya, the region consisting of seven districts — Rajkot, Porbandar, Junagadh, Jamnagar, Amreli, Surendranagar and Bhavnagar — has never been accorded just treatment.

Even though the region makes the biggest contribution to the exchequer, it has not seen much development. Barring petrochemical refineries in Jamnagar, the rest of the region is still industrially underdeveloped, he said, adding that the state government cannot take credit for Jamnagar’s development.

Whatever development has taken place in Kutch is due to foreign aid and tax holidays announced after the 2001 earthquake, his added. The MP said: “Even though the region’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture, there is still no proper irrigation facility. Besides, the future development of industries is limited between Vapi and Ahmedabad and not in Saurashtra.”

Bhavnagar MLA, Shaktisinh Gohil, who is also a Congress strongman from Saurashtra, refused to comment on the issue.

State party president Siddharth Patel called it Radadiya’s personal view not shared by the party.

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