Monday, August 31, 2009

Bhavnagar Surendranagar Junagadh Districts Saurashtra Gujarat India Monsoon News

Second spell of rain brings cheer to farmers. The second spell of rain in many parts of Saurashtra has brought cheer to farmers. They feel it will help their crops survive and reduce power usage. According to them, the rain will help bajra, cotton, sesame and groundnut crops. Since the last two days, scattered rain has been reported in the region. Due to delayed rain, farmers had to use groundwater which needed more power for pumping. "We were eagerly waiting for rain. Production will be less than usual, but this rain will help save late-sowing crops like BT cotton and sesame," said farmer Valji Patel from Sayla in Surendranagar district. Sayla received 15 mm rain on Friday. Surendranagar district has received less rain as compared to other districts in the region. "This rain will also help the pastoral community in the district. A drinking water crisis was staring us in the face. This rain will avert it, though it's insufficient," said Laxman Patel from the district. "We had lost all hope of saving our crops due to delayed rain as ours is a totally rain-fed area. Now, groundnut and bajra will get a new lease of life.

Also, rain will help harvest crop in rabi season and recharge groundwater,'' said farmer Narayan Shiyal of Dugeri village in Mahuva taluka of Bhavnagar district.
However, according to Rajkot flood control room, the district did not receive any rain on Friday.

"In the first spell, we received good rain but we still need to draw water from the ground. If the second spell comes, we will get relief and need not use power to pump groundwater,'' said Mensibhai, a farmer in Maliya Hatina in Junagadh district.
On Friday, in Amreli district, Rajula received 17 mm and Savarkundla 52.

Bhavnagar, Ghogha received 65 mm, Mahuva 23, Sinhor 34 and Bhavnagar 10. In Surendranagar, the rain received was: Lakhtar 57 mm, Limbdi 56, Dasada 34, Chuda 15, Sayla 15 and Wadhvan 7. In Porbandar, Kutiyana received 35 mm and Ranavav 9, while in Junagadh, Una received 18, Keshod 8, Manavadar 5 and Maliya Hatina 20 mm.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chorwad Beach Town Junagadh District News Samachar Gujarat India

Ban at Chorwad Beach.

In order to prevent an untoward incident at Chorwad beach, a tourist place near Chorwad town in Mangrol taluka of Junagadh district, sub-divisional magistrate PV Antani issued a notification banning entry of people in a 'dangerous zone' as a safety measure.

"The notification has been issued for safety and security of people. We have banned entry from the jetty to Dudheswar Mahadev temple area. This half-km area is very attractive and dangerous," elaborated Antani.

In May this year, nine people of a Rajkot-based school, including seven teachers, drowned after they ventured into deep sea while enjoying the surf. Tourists don't know the danger involved in this area. A few months ago, a local youth also died at same site. Historical palace buildings at the site are also reportedly in a dangerous condition.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Junagadh PGVCL Saurashtra District News Samachar

Saurashtra farmers agitate for power. Farmers of Porbandar, Junagadh, Rajkot, Surendranagar and Bhavnagar are on the warpath against Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd (PGVCL). Farmers of Porbandar district staged a dharna outside PGVCL office in the city on Wednesday. Water has become vital to save crops across Saurashtra and for those 12 hours of electricity a day is a must.

But, PGVCL has not been providing electricity as promised to farmers in the region.
Farmers are alleging that despite availability of water, as power is not supplied their crops are getting ruined. They have threatened to intensify their stir if 12-hour electricity supply is not restored immediately. Similarly, farmers of Keshod, Lodhika, Rajula, Khambhalia and Tankara too presented a memorandum to authorities to regularize power supply.

Bharatiya Kishan Sangh officials also went to PGVCL office in Junagadh and demanded 12-hour power supply.
Says Sangh president in Junagadh Vithal Dhudhatra, "PGVCL has been irregular in supplying power. Tripping has become a regular phenomenon and has resulted in wastage of water. Crops are not getting required amount of water because of power shortage."

Citing reasons for tripping, a PGVCL official said: "Electricity theft is rampant and is causing this problem. But, we are working to solve the problem.

But, on 12-hour supply, we have orders from Gandhinagar. What can we do?"
"If this is government policy, we have no option but to start an agitation. We are facing a situation where our crops are getting ruined and we can't afford that," said Dhudhatra.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vanthli Nagarpalika Junagadh District News Samachar

Congress candidate elected president of Vanthli Nagarpalika.

With the support of two BJP councilors, the Congress managed to establish its control in the Vanthali nagarpalika in Junagadh district on Monday.
The Congress move gave the BJP yet another political setback at the local level.

Congress candidate Jitendra Rijiwadiya was elected president of the nagarpalika as the BJP failed to even nominate its candidate for the post, giving the Congress candidate almost a walkover.
Of the total 21 elected members in the civic body, Rijiwadiya managed to garner the support of 12. The Congress has only 10 elected members in the house, while the BJP has 11 members. Two BJP councilors, Vijay Trambadiya and Vrijlal Vamja supported the Congress candidate.

An official said: “In the absence of a rival candidate, Rijiwadiya was declared president with the support of 12 elected members,” said an official. Earlier, the BJP had ruled Vanthli nagarpalika for a year.

But after the revolt in the civic body, the BJP lost majority and was ousted from power. Thereafter, BJP rebel Hitesh Vadariya joined the Congress, which appointed him as president of the civic body.

After ruling for a month, Vadariya resigned as president a week ago, which necessitated the election for the post of president.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Junagadh Municipal Corporation Election News Samachar Gujarat India

Gujarat by-poll: A test for Narendra Modi.

After BJP's poor performance in the recent Lok Sabha poll and the loss of Junagadh Municipal Corporation, the by-elections for seven assembly seats will be a test for the Gujarat Chief Minister.

By-elections in Jasdan, Dhoraji, Dehgam, Danta, Sami, Chotila and Kodinar on September 10 come at a time when BJP under the leadership of Modi did not perform up to the mark in the Lok Sabha elections in the state.

BJP managed to increase its tally from 14 seats last time to 15 now, though the party had expected that it would win 20 of the 26 Lok Sabha seats. The BJP also lost Junagadh Municipal Corporation elections last month.

Both Congress and BJP have started campaigning for the seven seats, six of which were held by Congress and another was held by BJP.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Junagadh City District Swine Flu News Samachar Gujarat India

Divine medicine for Swine Flu.

The swine flu scare has gripped the entire nation, and the people in Junagadh, too seem highly ‘concerned’ about it.

People are coming up with various kinds of ideas, from preventive measures to medication to other ways of fighting the virus. In one such concerned move on Saturday, students of the College of Agriculture Engineering and Technology organized a yagna on the Junagadh Agricultural University campus.

They offered aahuti invoking the ‘God of Fire’ to incinerate the swine flu virus to ashes! Some passers-by, who although didn’t seem interested in offering prayers to Agnidev, did wish that the students succeeded in their attempt.

They believe that the idea was not bad if the deadly virus could be controlled this way.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Talala Malia Hatina Junagadh District News Samachar

New project to sensitize rural folk on disasters.

Gujarat has always been vulnerable to natural disasters, be it earthquake, flood or drought. During disasters, to know how to tackle such situations is essential. But majority of the population in rural areas have limited access to basic emergency services.

In an effort to sensitize and make people aware, Focus Humanitarian Assistance India, a non-profit organization will do a project in 18 villages of the state. For the project, Enhancing Disaster Resilience and Promoting a Culture of Safety among Vulnerable Communities of Rural Gujarat, the organization will team up with European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Department and Aga Khan Foundation for the project.

The new initiative aims to make rural community across the state aware and prepare them to tackle natural disasters.

The project will target 18 villages of Talala and Malia talukas of Junagadh district and the organization claims that the 15-month project will benefit approximately 40,000 people from 18 different villages, which will include 12 schools.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Junagadh City Gujarat India News- Girnar Temple Ropeway Project

Delegation presses for early start of Girnar Ropeway Project.

A delegation led by Junagadh legislator, Mahendra Mashru, arrived at Gandhinagar on Tuesday to press for the early commencement of ground work for the ambitious Ropeway project at Girnar Mountain near Junagadh City.

They will make their submission before the consultant of the National Wildlife Board of India.

The delegation comprises representatives of the Junagadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BJP office bearers, Sadhu Samaj and other NGOs supporting the Ropeway project.

Mashru said: “Tuesday’s meeting was scheduled between the local delegation and consulting members of the National Wildlife Board of India. It was aimed at discussing the obstacles in the ropeway project and to clear the doubts raised by some NGOs working in the field of environment and wildlife.”

According to Mahendra Mashru, few nature clubs and environmentalists have raised objections to the project, pointing at the possible damage to wildlife and environment.

“We have made our submissions and cleared the doubts raised during our meeting with the consultant of the National Wildlife Board of India.”

Junagadh city BJP unit president, Karsan Dhadook, said: “We have made it clear that the ropeway project will not harm wildlife or environment. Besides, it will help reduce the damage presently occurring in the absence of the ropeway.”

Mahant Tansukhgiri, a member of the delegation, said: “Some NGOs are putting obstacles. Our view is that before considering their grievances, our opinion should be taken into consideration.”

Sources said the National Wildlife Board of India is scheduled to meet on September 11 in New Delhi during which the issue of the said ropeway project will be discussed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Junagadh District News Samachar- Shankersinh Vaghela

Shankersinh Vaghela Said, “Law and order situation in Gujarat worse than Bihar”.

Terming law and order situation in Gujarat as worse than the Bihar's, Former Union Textile Minister Shankersinh Vaghela today said the government has failed to maintain the law and order situation which is deteriorating day by day in the state.

Talking to mediapersons in Junagadh about price rise of essential commodities, Vaghela said it is both Central and State governments' responsibility to check the price rise and strict actions should be taken against hoarders and mediators who created scarcity of essential commodities.

Vaghela, who lost Lok Sabha election by a narrow margin to BJP's Prabhatsingh Chauhan, said he does not want to contest by-elections to be held next month but added that he will contest if party's high command asks him to do so.

He said the Congress will highlight UPA government's developmental projects to seek people's mandate in by-poll.

Vaghela was in Junagadh to attend various programmes organized by Junagadh Congress unit.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Junagadh District News Samachar- Mangrol Port

Gushing sea inundates shores, fishing hamlet risks being washed away

For the last 20 days, gushing seawaters have inundated several hundred meters of the Sheriyaj-Bara village coast. The small fishing hamlet is located on the Arabian Seashore some five kilometers from Mangrol Port in Junagadh district.

The Arabian seawaters have never been this rough, and the abnormality has put the 4,000 members of the 500 odd-families of this village in a fix.

More than 20 kuchcha houses along with a concrete road built parallel to the coastline have been washed away. Besides, the engines of some 10 fishing boats valued at Rs 35,000 each have been swept away in the gushing waters.

Elderly village fishermen have said the community has been living here since decades but have never seen or witnessed such strong sea waves in their lifetime.

Abdulla Patel, president of the fishermen community said: “We have seen never such rough seas in our entire life. If the situation remains the same, we will be forced to abandon this place.”

A fisherman said: “The waves have forced us to withdraw our small fishing boats which earlier remained anchored on the shore. We cannot put our lives and boats in danger. Unless adequate action is taken soon, mass exodus cannot be ruled out.”

Patel said they had repeatedly pleaded to the concerned authorities to construct a dyke along the village, but to no avail. Most of the fishermen families here are living below the poverty line, but none have any BPL cards, he added.

Community leader Ayub Buchani said: “We have informed the district collector and the mamalatdar in this regard in writing, a week ago, but no official has bothered to visit us.”

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Junagadh City News Samachar - Wildlife Conservation Week at Sakkarbaug Zoo

The 146-year-old Sakkarbaug Zoo in Junagadh is celebrating Wildlife Conservation Week from Sunday. As part of the celebrations, zoo authorities have come up with wild animal adoption and zoo friend schemes for locals.

No entry fee will be charged throughout the week. A cheetah photography competition will be held on August 22 and 23.

Zoo Director V J Rana said: “The wild animal adoption and zoo friend schemes are open for all. An individual, organisation, NGO and business house among others can adopt species like mammals, birds and reptiles.”

Under this scheme, the adopter has to bear the expenses of the adopted animal for at least a month. In return, the adopter will have the right to name the animal besides getting a certificate and free entry to the zoo, he added.

According to Rana, the zoo is home to over 1,100 wild animals and houses 83 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. It is the only zoo in the country to have two pairs of African Cheetah, which were brought here recently from Singapore. The zoo was established in 1863 by the erstwhile princely state of Junagadh.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Junagadh District Election News Samachar

Congress gearing up for by-elections in Gujarat.

Ahmedabad, Aug 10 Gujarat Congress, which recently wrested Junagadh Municipal Corporation from BJP, is gearing up for by-elections to seven Assembly seats.

"There is a lot of enthusiasm in the workers at the district level and this I believe will help us win the entire seven Assembly seat in the by-elections," state Congress President Siddharth Patel said here today.

"Based on the inputs from workers, the downfall of the BJP has begun following the recent victories of the party in the Junagadh municipal polls and Amul dairy elections where a Congress-led panel won," Patel said.

"Planning has begun for the by-elections. Workers are looking into booth management and other activities related to the elections. The responsibility has been divided between various leaders," he added.

The bypolls would be held in Chotila, Kodinar, Dhoraji, Jasdan, Dehgam, Sami and Danta. Polling date is yet to be announced. The seats have fallen vacant either because of death or resignation of sitting MLAs following their victory in Lok Sabha polls.

BJP MLA from Kodinar Dinu Solanki won the Lok Sabha election for Junagadh. Congress legislators Vitthal Radadiya (Dhoraji) and Kuvanrji Bavaliya (Jasdan) won Porbander and Rajkot Lok Sabha seats respectively.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Junagadh District News Samachar – Kodinar Town

Political activity picks pace for Kodinar Assembly bypoll. Even as the dates for the by-elections in seven Assembly constituencies are yet to be announced, political activity has picked up for the Kodinar seat in Junagadh district.

State Congress leaders have already completed a round for the same.

A team of party observers recently visited Kodinar and held a meeting with the local leaders.

District Congress unit
President Jetha Jora said: “A team headed by state observer Shanta Chavda visited the town on Friday.” He added that local leaders, including former MLA Kodinar and Una Dhirsinh Barad, Punja Vansh and other office bearers of various Congress units were present at the meeting. According to sources, the party is divided into three groups, all suggesting candidates of their choice.

Sources added: “The observers will submit their report (on the possible candidates) to the state leaders. The name of Dhirsinh Barad has surfaced as a strong candidate.”

On the other hand, in the BJP, someone close to Kodinar-based Junagadh MP Dinu Solanki is likely to be fielded from the seat, according to party sources. Solanki was representing Kodinar in the state Assembly before being elected to the Lok Sabha.

“Kodinar is Solanki’s stronghold; winning the election here is considered to be a cakewalk for Solanki. So, the party will field a candidate recommended by him,” sources said.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Junagadh City District News Samachar

Rains, flood stall traffic in Junagadh.

Incessant rains and heavy flood caused widespread damage to roads and bridges on the state highways in Junagadh district. The district has received an average 60 inch rainfall during the second half of July this monsoon.

Now water-logging and bad roads are causing heavy traffic jams in Junagadh and Veraval, two of the main cities of the region, since the last couple of weeks.

Bridges on the entry points of both cities got damaged and partly collapsed. Bridges over the Sonarakh River on the outskirts of Junagadh and over Devka River on the outskirts of Veraval city have been closed to traffic.

Bhanabhai Amin Transportwala, a Junagadh based-transporter said: “The road to and from Junagadh is experiencing a heavy traffic jam. Only one-way traffic is being allowed to ply on the Sonarakh river bridge and that too, only for light vehicles. Heavy vehicles, including trucks and buses, have to use the approach road via the by-pass for entering the city, which is putting a lot of pressure on the approach roads here.”

Transportwala said kilometer-long queues are a common sight between Dolatpara and Vadal area. Around 400 truck operators and passenger buses have to take a detour for entering the city, which is increasing the pressure on the approach roads, he said.

Junagadh Mayor Satish Ahir(Satish Captain) said: “Construction work for the repair of the Sonarakh river bridge is under progress and will be completed soon. The situation will remain same till the repair work is completed.”

The situation at Veraval is more serious though. The bridge over Devka River is badly damaged and has been closed for traffic. The bridge is located on the entrance of Veraval city. As such, all traffic has been diverted towards the by-pass, forcing the drivers to take a 15-km detour.

In addition, all approach roads including the by-pass are dotted with potholes, and passing through this road is proving to be a nightmare for drivers, sources said. According to officials, the construction work for the repair of Devaka River Bridge is yet to begin, but the procedure for the same is under progress.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Junagadh City News- Bhavnath Temple(Mandir),Girnar Taleti

Junagadh trust plays by the rule, hands over govt land without fuss.

In a unique incident, a huge piece of government land under private occupation was returned to the rightful owner in Junagadh without any hue and cry.

The credit for this goes to Junagadh Collector Ashwini Kumar and Rupayatan Trust’s chairman Hemant Nanawati. When demanded by the district administration, the trust willingly returned the seven-acre plot to the state government.

The said land is located in Bhavnath Mandir area at the foot of the Girnar Mountain and surrounded by the Gir sanctuary.

The state government has adopted a plan to develop Bhavnath Mandir Area, which hosts two major melas every year, as a pilgrimage and tourist site.

To accommodate lakhs of visitors, it was deemed necessary to spare more land for the mela.

The administration felt the probability of any untoward incident during the gathering and decided to adopt preventive measures.

Ashwini Kumar said: “Earlier, the district administration had freed nearly seven hectares of government land from encroachment. It was decided to provide alternate space to some 200 residents of the area. Therefore, it became imperative to ask the land back from Rupayatan Trust. The trust responded in a positive manner and willingly handed over the plot. We have already implemented our plan and divided the land into nearly 200 plots, which will be allotted to the 200 families. The rehabilitation will be completed by the end of this month.”

Hemant Nanawati said: “Instead of indulging in a legal battle, the trustees took a positive stand and decided to handover the land.

Our policy is clear — we support development and constructive work. So, the trustees unanimously passed a resolution in response to the collector’s letter. Our trust is committed to the development of Bhavnath area, so we extended support to the district administration and the entire procedure was completed within two months without any hurdles.”

Earlier, in 1991, the government had allotted 40 hectares of land to the Rupayatan Trust for educational purpose.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Junagadh City News- Bahauddin Govt. Arts & Science College

Staff crunch affects students in Saurashtra largest college.

The Bahauddin Science and Arts College of Junagadh, the biggest college in Saurashtra region, is facing a teaching staff crunch, which has had a severe impact on education here. On Tuesday, the students observed a bandh under the banner of the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI).

According to NSUI office bearers, the posts of some 22 adhoc lecturers and professors are lying vacant and the college is running without adequate teaching staff.

In the science faculty, some 11 adhoc professors working with the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and English have been laid off, while in the Faculty of Arts, another 11 professors teaching subjects like Hindi, Gujarati, History, Psychology, Sanskrit and English have been shown the door.

NSUI office bearer Kartik Thakar said: “Students have repeatedly demanded that the vacancies be immediately filled up, but in vain. This has put the students’ career at stake.”

He added that instead of filling the vacancies, the state government is laying-off adhoc staff, and unless the issue is resolved, agitation will be initiated.

R P Bhatt, Principal, Bahauddin Science College, said: “We have informed the government in writing regarding the shortage of teaching staff, and the process of filling up all the vacancies is under progress. Shortly, all vacancies will be filled up; in fact some six lecturers will join duty in the science faculty within a week’s time.”

According to Bhatt, some 1,100 students are studying in this college, which has a capacity to accommodate some 1,200.

He said: “Due to the contract system, teachers express unwillingness to continue here and join private organizations. But we are dealing with the issue in an appropriate way and it will be resolved soon.”

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Junagadh Municipal Corporation Election 2009

Congress today managed to ensure comfortable victory in the elections of Mayor and other office bearers in the Junagadh Municipal Corporation 2009. The elections in this small corporation had assumed considerable significance as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had thrown all his weight in the civic elections and later in the mayoral elections also.

Though, for the first time after ten years Congress had won in the civic elections defeating the ruling BJP, leaders of BJP tried to make all efforts to turn table against Congress in the mayoral election. Congress had problem of selecting office bearers because of plenty of aspirants and BJP wanted to cash in on this.

However, ultimately Satish Virda(Satish Ahir) who is fondly called Satish Captain was elected mayor, Girish Kotecha deputy mayor and Bhagabhai Rada chairman of the Standing Committee. Former Deputy Chief Minister Narhari Amin and party general secretary Nishit Vyas were sent from here to oversee the entire process.

In the 51 member committee BJP has 21 members while Congress 26. Among the rest three are of BSP and one independent. However, in the mayoral election BJP candidates got 21 and all the rest (30) went to Congress.

Chief Minister Narendra Modi had tried his best to retain Junagadh Municipal Corporation for two reasons. It was to negate the effect of not so good performance of BJP in Gujarat in Lok Sabha elections and to set the ball rolling for bye elections to seven Assembly seats scheduled for September this year.

The leader of the opposition will be Mahendra Mashroo BJP MLA Junagadh.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Junagadh City District Tourism News

Gujarat will lead in tourism in next five years

Tourism Minister Jay Narain Vyas today claimed that pro tourism policies of the state will make Gujarat a leading state in the country in next five years. He said that massive investment was being made in infrastructure and tourism circuit development which will take Gujarat to the top position.

Vyas was talking at launch ceremony of newly formed Gurjarat Tourism Development Society. The organization has been set up by people with passion for tourism with sole objective to promote tourism in Gujarat and among Gujaratis.

He said that it was a fact that Gujarat was not among first five states in the country in the field of tourism. It was not because of any problem but because of the fact that after its formation in 1960, Gujarat had to concentrate on other priorities. But tourism is Gujarat’s priority now, he said.

Giving details of the steps the government had been taking, he said that the budget of tourism department which was less than Rs 50 crore has now been Rs 160 crore. In addition to this there were scheme for the development of tourist destinations with budget of billions of rupees. For instance, he said that for Junagadh area along there was a scheme of Rs 600 crore.

Tourism offers more employment than other industries, he said. An investment of Rs ten lakh in agriculture generates employment for 59, in industry for 45 people but tourism gives employment to 89.

Talking about circuit tourism, he said that it existed in India for hundreds of years. Chaar Dham yatra and such pilgrimages were the best examples. But, Indian never looked at them from business point of view. Change in the approach would make circuit tourism very paying, according to Vyas.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sakkar Baug Zoo Junagadh City News

Vadodara zoo hunts for tiger.

Six months after the only male tiger at the Vadodara zoo died, the zoo authorities have started a hunt for a new male big cat so as to continue with the captive breeding.

At present, Sayaji Baug Zoo officials are shortlisting the zoos that have excess number of male tigers. Once the list is finalized, the zoo authorities would initiate the procedure to seal the deal by exchanging animals.

Curator C B Patel told Newsline, “After Gabbar (the tiger) died, there was no question of captive breeding as the rest were all female. Now, we are planning to bring a male tiger.”

The last tiger was brought from a Rajkot zoo. “Two cubs were born after mating between Gabbar and a tigress,” said another zoo official.

Sources, meanwhile, said that this time, a Junagadh zoo might be approached for the exchange. “The Sakkar Baug Zoo has a male tiger in excess and it can be transferred to the Vadodara zoo. However, it all depends on what plans Vadodara zoo officials have and how they would like to execute it,” said an official at the Rajkot zoo.

In normal circumstances, the official said, whenever any zoo demands animal from other zoo, it is supposed to give one, too. “It is true that we have to make arrangement for an animal that we can give to the zoo from where we would demand the male tiger. However, that will not be a problem for us, as we would make the arrangement from the animals available with us,” said a senior VMC official.

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