Sunday, November 1, 2009

Girnar Lili Parikrama Shivratri Mela Junagadh City News Gujarat India

Girnar Parikrama draws thousands in Rajkot City.

Junagadh City, one of the most important Historical Places in Gujarat, draws the attention of thousands of travelers from across the state during Shivratri Mela, Girnar parikrama and Girnar climbing competition. Like every year, this year too, a large number of people across the state have come to the city for performing the 36-km 'Lili Parikrama' (spiritual walk) around the Girnar Parvat.

The parikrama, as usual, began on Thursday night, the day of Tulsi Vivah, also known as Dev Diwali, from the foot of the mountain, where the pilgrims spent the night. On Friday morning, the parikrama was started from Dudheshwar Mahadev temple.

They would spend the night at the Saint Jinabava's hut(Jinabava ni Madhi). The next day they would reach Malvela, the place surrounded by high climbers located in the midst of Girnar forest.

The next morning, they leave for southern forest and reach to Bordevi, temple of Goddess Ambika. On Tuesday morning, the pilgrims would return to Bhavnath Mandir Taleti at the foot of the mountain.

Authorities like Junagadh Municipal Corporation, health department, state transport, forest, water supply, police, in addition to social and religious organizations, are on the job of helping about one million pilgrims expected this year.

The event also attracts a large number of youngsters cutting across religious lines and regions. According to a popular belief, the Pandavas, after winning the war at Kurukshetra, did the 'parikrama' to seek God's blessings.

Though the event began on Thursday, about 68,000 piece-loving people had already completed their journey to avoid heavy traffic, sources said.

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