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Historical Places in Junagadh City Saurashtra Gujarat India

Girnar :- The mountain, 6 km. from Junagadh city, has five principal peaks. It has 9999 steps. The third peak, Gorakhnath, at 3661 ft above sea level, is the highest.

The area of the hills is approximately 10 km. To ascend the hills a stepaway is built UPPER KOT certainly worth seeing Jain tamples. Spots to visit Bhimkund, Satpuda, Gaumukhi Ganga, Pathar chati, Bhairavjap, Bharatvan Sheshavan, Hanumandhara.

The peak of Ambaji, with a height of 3330 ft., is famous for the temple of Ambaji. Kamandal kund; stepway diverts between temples of Gorakhnath and Dattatreya.

The path to Dattatreya temple is difficult, but on the top of the peak is a small temple on the padukas of Guru Dattatreya.

THE WILD MUSEUM - Junagadh museum in Sakkarbagh, has a memorable collection of of pre-historic and proto-historic implements made from stone and bone, stone sculpture including a 9th century Vishnu, bronze sculpture of the medival period, copper inscriptions and manuscripts, consorting with an average collection of silverware, glass, porcelain, wood carvings, traditional textiles, folk art and unimpressive miniature paintings.Rare specimens of art furniture, stuffed animals, ancient coins, Persian Sanskrit inscriptions and various other articles of interest.

SAKKARBAUG ZOO – In Junagadh,The historical city,one of the few places in the world where the pure bred Asiatic lion is breeding successfully.This is the oldest zoo in Gujarat and the 3rd oldest in India. The rare Gir lions are bred and supplied to other zoos.Here you find a sizable collection of mammals, birds and reptiles from Indian species.

MAKARBA – In Junagadh, Nawabs were buried here. This is a fine specimen of medieval structure.

JAIN DERASAR – In Junagadh-The Historical City,Excellent Temple on Girnar Hill at 3100 feet. There are many temples with excellent design.

NARSINH MEHTA NO CHORO – In Junagdh,This place is said to be one where the great poet Saint and reformer Narshinh Mehta held his assemblies of discovers in 15th century. Some believe that Lord Krishna held a traditional "Rasleela" dance here.

DARBAR HALL MUSEUM – In Junagadh,Its also one of the great historial place for tourists.Picture gallery , textiles, arms gallery, the kacheri, the hall which was used by Nawabs of Junagadh to hold their darbar. The Durbar Hall and Museum has an interesting collection of weapons, thrones, silver articles, costumes, paintings, tapestries, and palanquins on display. It is not far from the entrance to the fort.

GAYATRI MANDIR & VAGHESHWARI MANDIR – In Junagadh-Gujarat,On the way to Girnar Talati, are both of the beautiful temples of Maa Gayatri and Maa Vagheshwari. At every navratris, a mela is held.

SONAPUR – In Junagadh,Where many statues of saints are erected. It also has a Sai Baba temple and serves as a cemetery.

DAMODAR KUND – It is Built in 500 Junagadh-Saurastra, this often reconstructed kund (water reservoir) is a check dam. This kund is about a km before the bottom of Girnar Hill. It is a sacred bathing tank. Close to Damodara Kund is Revati Kund. It is said that Revata left Dwarka and moved near Girnar Hill after his daughter, Revati, married Lord Balarama

DAMODAR KUND – It is Built in 500 Junagadh-Saurastra, this often reconstructed kund (water reservoir) is a check dam. This kund is about a km before the bottom of Girnar Hill. It is a sacred bathing tank. Close to Damodara Kund is Revati Kund. It is said that Revata left Dwarka and moved near Girnar Hill after his daughter, Revati, married Lord Balarama.

DAMODARJI TEMPLE, Near Aswatthama Hill, which is north of Damodara Kund, is the Damodarji Temple, said to have been built by Vajranabha, Lord Krishna’s great-grandson.

DATAAR HILLS – In Junagadh-Saurastra,2779 feet high stepway is built for going up shrine of Jamiyalshah Datar.

SCIENCE MUSEUM – In Junagadh,Gujarat’s first and the only private science museum. More than 60 working science projects based on science facts. Which can be operated by visitors. Worth visiting attached one small aquarium and evening open air garden restaurant garden café serves south Indian and Punjabi dishes since 1981.Its is a first & best garden restaurant in Junagadh.

WELLINGTON DAM - Built by the Britishers near the foot of Datar hill. The three sides and a garden in front it affords an enchanting view.

MOTI BAUG - The best garden the campus of agricultural university and botanical garden. It also houses the Junagadh Agricultural University Campus which has total land area of 754.62 ha and 2485 ha including 17 sub centers and 1500 manpower with annual budget around 28.5 crores.

Mujkund Caves - Famous place where Krishna ran and came from mathura after which he was named as Ranchod Rai

Ayurvedic Museum- In Junagadh,Ayurvedic Museum is located at the Ayurvedic College at Sardarbag in the western part of town. The personnel are helpful to those interested in learning something about this ancient and natural medical treatment.

NARSINH MAHETA LAKE- In Junagadh,A beautiful lake constructed by joint effort of the people of Junagadh near Talav Gate.Its is one of the great enjoyful places for people of Junagadh at weekand.

BAHAUDDIN COLLEGE(Arts & Science)- In Junagadh-Saurastra,Gujarat's first science college built by the Nawab's vazeer "Bahauddin".

KESAR KERI (MANGOES)- Junagadh is famous for Kesar Mangoes (Safaron Mangoes). As name says Kesar mangoes are very sweet and looks like safaron color.

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir,Junagadh- Mandir made for Lord Swaminarayan. Chhatri of Lord Swaminarayan's Charanavind at Junagadh On the land presented by Jinabhai (Hemantsingh) Darbar of Panchala, Lord Swaminarayan got constructed a huge temple at Junagadh by Sant Brahmanand Swami and installed Radha, Ramandev, Ranchhodji, Trikamji and Siddheshwar Mahadev with Parvati Devi in Vikram Samvat year 1884 on the second day of the dark half of the month of Vaishakh (Vad 2), on Friday,May 1,1828.


An interesting excursion on the Rajkot-Junagadh road for those interested in textiles is Jetpur, approximately 30 kms from Junagadh, which is one of the largest centers in India for screen and block printed textiles. Here you can visit workshops which specialize in screen printing of textiles, artisans who work on the highly intricate process of printing fabrics using wooden blocks and yarn dyeing centres. Buddhist relics can be seen here too.

Excursions - From Junagadh one can journey easily to nearby Porbandar (112 kms away) on the West Coast, where Mahatma Gandhi was born. Equally close by (88 kms) is Veraval, where the rebuilt temple of Somnath, stands proudly. Further along the coast is the former Portuguese colony of Diu. Sasan Gir, the last habitat of the Asiatic lion is only 60 kms from Junagadh.

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