Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jungadh Saurastra News

Jungadh (Saurastra)’s Real Hero :-

Briefly translated from Divayabaskar dated 6th June-Friday.

One Deaf Student Who is from Junagadh(Saurastra) got First Rank in 10th(S.S.C.) Exam of March-2008 in State in Special Category of Listening Problem whose name is JAY.


He said that “When he is only 9 months old, he became Deaf after his Lung’s Operation”.

He was mostly suffered from Illness of his Lungs,So that He was admitted 50 times & more in hospital during his Education Career.

He said that “I lost my Listening Energy not My Confidence.”

Now His will want to became DOCTOR in furure.

He also said “I get First Rank with 84.62% in S.S.C. Exam in Mar.-2008 with my 7 to 8 hours Reading.”

Jay’s Father is Clerk in High School and His Mother is Teacher.

“Because of this Lungs Problem Whenever Jay eat something extra more at soon we had to admitted him to hospital” as his Mother said.

She also added that “Jay also broght his important education notebooks with him,continue his study also in hospital during his treatment.”

Now He want to became DOCTOR in future and want to do research on his illness of Lungs.

Really After read this I remember Swami Vivekanand’s one Line,

“Try again,Try again You will succed at Last.”

And as per this Jay get Success in his 10th (S.S.C.) board Exam of March-2008.

Its really one of the Proud things for all 10th & 12th students of JUNAGADH(SAURASTRA) including Junagadh(Saurastra)’s People also.

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  1. Hi,

    Nice true story. If we all follow the Swami Vivekanand’s words “Try again,Try again You will succed at Last.”

    We all can achieve success in our life.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Keep it up.

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