Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girnar Mountain Hills Junagadh City Gujarat India

The Gujarat government is considering resumption of mining activities around the Girnar forest sanctuary, which was closed down. “We will consider the issue after the proposal is brought before the government,” Gujarat State Forest Environment Minister Mangubhai Patel said.

The Gujarat government had declared around 200 sq km Girnar forest area, located near Junagadh, a sanctuary in July 2008.

Following this declaration, the operations in the 77 mines located within a 5-km radius of the sanctuary limit, were brought to a halt, rendering over 25,000 mine workers jobless.

These workers launched an agitation in support of their demand for the resumption of stone mining activities, seeking an amicable solution.

Lakhabhai Parmar, local municipal corporator of Junagadh and a leader of the mine workers questioned the government’s rationale behind the closure of the mines.

“If the industrial units of the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation located in the area can operate within a 5-km radius of the sanctuary limit and the sanctuary rules are not applicable to them, how come they are applicable to these mines?” Mr. Parmar asked.

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