Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girnar Mountains Junagadh City News Gujarat India 2011

Junagadh Chamber seeks clarification on Girnar status.

The Junagadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry has written a letter to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and sought clarification over various issues in the wake of the confusion following the declaration of the Girnar forest as a sanctuary.

Bhurabahi Desai, the Secretary of the Chamber has sought clarification whether the Girnar region should be considered as a pilgrimage center or a sanctuary.

Girnar is controlled by two different authorities, the forest department and the state yatradham(pilgrimage) development board, he said.

Desai has sought clarification on issues like whether night halt in Girnar will henceforth be stopped, as also the fate of the Girnar ropeway project and the capable authority for giving construction permit in the revenue survey area and other areas falling at the foot of the Girnar Mountains.

He has also sought a query as to how the sanctuary status will affect issues related to faith, particularly the two big melas and various religious events taking place in the area round the year.“There is much confusion prevailing over some issues which should be clarified in the larger public interest,” he said.

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