Friday, January 30, 2009

Junagadh News – Girnar Mount Climbing Contest

Girnar - Junagadh (Saurastra) climbing contest turns tougher.

The decision to push the starting point of national Girnar Mount Climbing Contest, to be held on February 1 here, by 200 metres at Girnar Darwaja has not gone down well with participants.

Representations were made recently to the district sports officer to revert to the original starting point.

Climbers are not happy as the stretch has been increased by 400 m (200 m both ways). Earlier, the stretch was 145-m-long. Now, it will be 345 m, almost three times.

About 226 participants from 16 states are gearing up for the event. For men, it is 5,000 steps and for women 2,200. The first national meet was held in last April, but this year it has been scheduled for February. So far, 27 state contests have been held, but this is the second national-level event.

Junagadh District Collectorate sources said, all arrangements are being made for the climbing contest. "A notable entry is that of an NRG from Canada, Gendis Patel, 29, who is representing Maharashtra at this event," said an official.

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