Thursday, December 30, 2010

Junagadh Sakkarbaug Zoo - Asiatic Lions Pair given to Mysore Zoo

After completing all technical and administrative formalities in this regard, Junagadh Sakkarbaug Zoo will give Asiatic Lions Pair to Mysore Zoo in exchange for other animals.

The exchange, to take place soon, between the two zoos comes in the wake of a request made in this connection a few months ago to Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi by legendary leg spinner Anil Kumble.

As per Latest Forest Department Director V J Rana Interviews, he said that, "Mysore Zoo will give us Indian bison, common marmoset, giant squirrel, Lady Amhrest pheasant, Kalij pheasant and green pheasant. The exchange of the animal and bird species will take place in the last week of January 2011."

"A new facility to accommodate the birds and the mammal is being made at the zoo. They will be on public display from February 2011."

The Sakkarbaug Zoo has over 1,000 different species of animals including a cheetah, which was brought from Singapore in exchange for an Asiatic lion. There are four cheetahs in the zoo, of which two are males and two females.

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