Monday, January 17, 2011

Junagadh Agricultural University – will Launch two bio-pesticides

During the university's convocation, on 15th January 2011, The Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU) will launch two bio-pesticides under the brand name of 'Savaj' (Lion).

This products will kill pests in different crops effectively and being eco-friendly they will not harm farmers while spraying.

As per Latest N C Patel Interviews, who is vice-chancellor or JAU, said that, “Our scientists have tested them on different crops and found that the results are encouraging. We have also conducted training programs for farmers on how to use these pesticides. Savaj HNPV prevents the Helicoverpa armigera in different crops while Savaj SNPV controls the Spodoptera litura in different crops.”

“We will see the farmer's experience on large scale and accordingly we will continue to produce it in our Microbial Insecticide Production Unit at JAU.”

“SNPV works against the S Litura, a polyphagous pest which damages cotton, castor, cabbage, groundnut, cauliflower and tobacco. Farmers use chemical insecticides indiscriminately to manage the pests but it also creates environmental problems. But bio-pesticide is safer and eco-friendly.”

It will be in liquid form and each tin will contain 250 ML.

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