Thursday, July 28, 2011

Asiatic Lions News 2011 – Vadodara Surat City get pure breed of them

As earlier I talked with my one of the best online friend and she is really Wildlife Lover, said that, Vadodara City Zoo which considered among the oldest in the country will for the first time be home to a pair of pure-breed Asiatic Lions. The three lions in the zoo are crossbreeds and there is not a single lioness.

With the Central Zoo Authority now giving a green signal to house the big cats, a team from Vadodara Municipal Corporation Zoo will soon head for Sakkarbaug Zoo in Junagadh to take possession of the lion pair.

As per Latest Zoo In-charge C B Patel Interviews, he said that,

“We were contemplating on getting a pair of lions because one of the three lions has grown old and it is not advisable to keep him for public display. Talks were on with Sakkarbaug Zoo in Junagadh and we have been allowed to take possession of a pair of Asiatic lions.”

Among the three lions in Vadodara Zoo, two were procured from Chandigarh while one was born in the zoo.

“The significance of getting this pair is that we will for the first time have a genuine Asiatic lion. All the three lions are crossbreeds, including the one which has grown old. Now we will be able to go for captive breeding of Asiatic lions. We are waiting for the rains. A low temperature is important for the transit of the big cats.”

Sakkarbaug Zoo Junagadh City Saurashtra Kathiyavad will also supply a pure breed Asiatic lion to Surat Zoo. The only lion in Surat Zoo is a crossbreed.

As per Latest Zoo Prafful Mehta Interviews, he said that,Our proposal has reached Sakkarbaug Zoo officials and the final nod from CZA is awaited. For long we have been demanding an Asiatic lion and if everything goes well we will soon get one in the near future.

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