Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sasan Gir Earthquake Epicenter – Bhukamp na Mota pachchi 57 thi vadhare NANA Aanchaka

After few days ago, quake of 5.3 magnitudes jolted the Whole especially with Gujarat stateJunagadh District and Saurashtra Region.

But after that, Junagadh Jilla Villages experienced as many as 57 aftershocks till Saturday.

As per Latest Seismologist Interviews, they said that, this was part of the many aftershocks of the 2001 earthquake.

Senior scientists at Institute of Seismological Research (ISR), Gandhinagar, are monitoring the seismic activity in Sasan in Junagadh and Kutch.

"Our team is working in Sasan as part of the investigations. We have installed four instruments within 20 km area of the epicenter."
Aftershocks of very low magnitude are occurring as the seismic activity in the area is decaying.

"So in order to register even the minute activity, we have installed such instruments close to the epicenter."

"It is nothing but an aftershock of the 2001 earthquake. Several such aftershocks have occurred in the same area earlier too."

As per Latest Junagadh District Collector AM Parmar Interviews, he said that,"We have started the survey in affected areas. This is likely to be over in the next 4 to 5 days. Many people whose houses were damaged are living in their farms.”

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