Friday, July 31, 2009

Junagadh District Saurastra News

Junagadh primary school chosen Gujarat’s best this year.

Government schools with established standards of education are hard to come by. But the primary school at Bhiyal village in Junagadh taluka is one exception.

The school was recently adjudged the ‘Best Primary School’ by the state government.

The school has not only developed its own website, but has also been running piggy bank saving schemes for schoolchildren for the last seven years. The money thus saved now stands at Rs 7 lakh.

Apart from the school curriculum, students are also given lessons in moral values.

There is a tuck shop in the school that has no attendant; the students buy things from there and deposit the printed price in the cash counter themselves.

School Principal Bharat Joshi said: “We started the tuck shop on August 15, 2007. Although there is no attendant at the shop, we have never come across an incident where the money collected has been less than the selling price. Our aim behind this shop was to impart moral education among students.”

According to Joshi, since 2002, the school has been running piggy bank student saving schemes.

“Students make savings as per their convenience, from Rs 50 to Rs 300 per month. When the scheme began, the total deposits amounted to Rs 5,000 per month; today, the figure has doubled. We have connected the scheme with the post office recurring deposits scheme. At present, the savings amount has crossed Rs 7 lakh,” he said.

The school was awarded the ‘Best School Award in 2005-06; and in 2008-09, the school was chosen as the ‘Best Quality Education Providing School’.

The school has 127 students at present, and is supported by the villagers and the gram panchayat. Although it is a government school, a new classroom was constructed with funds provided by the villagers.

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