Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Junagadh Tourism District Saurastra News

Fresh inflow in dams reverses Saurashtra’s water crisis Moderate to heavy rains in Saurashtra have brought much awaited respite for the residents of the region.

While most of the120 dams in the region were about to hit rock bottom because of scant rain in June, half of them have now registered fresh inflow even as 11 dams have been put on high alert.

As per the latest status, the water crisis is almost over for Porbandar and Jamnagar Districts and is relaxed for rajkot and Junagadh.

In the past three days, 58 dams have registered fresh inflows.

These include 39 in Rajkot, Jamnagar and Surendranagar and 19 in Amreli, Bhavnagar and Porbandar.

In all, 129 irrigation projects have recorded fresh inflow bringing respite to farmers during this sowing time.

According to Gujarat Water Supply and Sewage Board sources, 120 dams in the region were left with only 20 per cent of water quantum and most of them were about to hit the rock bottom.

With several dams in Rajkot district having registered fresh inflow, the district has received fresh water quantum of over 3,000 million cubic feet (MCFT). With Nyari-I dam receiving significant amount of fresh inflow, Rajkot residents have heaved a sigh of relief.

With over 300 MCFT fresh quantum of water, the water level in the dam has touched 8 feet.
“While this dam was about to hit rock bottom, now it has received quantum of water bringing respite to the citizens.

This water quantum is expected to last more than four months,’’ said RMC city engineer N H Waghela.
As many as 11 dams in various districts have been put on high alert.

These dams include Sorthi, Vartu, Khodapipar, Sonmati, Bhansar, Fodala, Fulzar, Pingali, Sonmati-2, Dayminsar and Fodar Nes.

“These dams are now holding water quantum to the tune of 80 per cent of their capacity,” said a GWSSB official.

He said an alert has been raised in many villages located in the downstream of these dams.

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