Saturday, September 5, 2009

Girnar Mountain Parvat (Temples) Junagadh City Gujarat India News Samachar

City NGOs to join vulture awareness day celebrations

September 5 will be celebrated as International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD-09) worldwide. Several NGOs, including some based here plan to celebrate the event by creating awareness about vulture conservation in the region.

According to Junagadh-based NGO, Mudra Ecological, Cultural and Heritage Ovation Society, several peaks and ranges in Girnar Mountains near Junagadh are considered among the few nesting sites of vultures.

The ambitious ropeway project is also being considered a possible threat towards the conservation of these birds. According to sources, some nature clubs and environmentalists have raised the issue with the Centre, even as public agitation for the early commencement of the ropeway project gathers momentum.

J Nimish, a member of Mudra society, said: “We are not opposing the ropeway project, but believe at the same time that vulture conservation should not be sidelined. Both the ropeway project and vulture conservation are equally serious issues. We will approach education institutions and provide them with information about the importance of vultures and their conservation.”

Ankit Shukala and Mitesh Dave, other members of the NGO, who favor development of tourism here, echo the same view.

Some nature clubs and environmentalists have expressed doubts that the ropeway project will threaten the vulture habitat and nesting site on Girnar Mountains.

According to environmentalists, at present, Girnar Mountain houses around 30 vultures.

The bird is considered shy and has a habit of taking shelter in isolated areas far away from human population.

During the last one decade, vulture population has drastically reduced in the Indian Sub- Continent.

Incidentally, Gujarat Minister of State for Environment and Forest Kiritsinh Rana, had also said in his reply to a question on February 20, 2009 during Question Hour in the Gujarat Assembly, that vulture population in the state has reduced from 2,647 to 1431 in two years from 2005-07.

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