Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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CZA issues notices to zoos after they miss deadline to submit master plans.

The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has issued notices to four zoos in the state after they failed to submit their master plans explaining future development projects.

Sources said all the zoos were asked to submit their plans till 2020, by March 31. But only two zoos — Indroda Park, Gandhinagar; and Kankaria Zoo, Ahmedabad — have submitted their plans.

Sakkarbaug Zoo in Junagadh City Saurashtra; Sarthana Zoo in Surat; Sayajibaug Zoo in Vadodara; and Rajkot Zoo are yet to submit their plans.

CZA Evaluation and Monitoring officer Brij Gupta said: “As most zoos in Gujarat have missed their deadlines, CZA has issued notices to them to submit their master plans as soon as possible. We have taken up this initiative to improve zoo administration and performance. The main aim is to enforce minimum standards and norms for the upkeep and health care of the animals so that the zoos can come up to a standard where they can complement and strengthen the national efforts in conservation of wild fauna.”

He added: “If the master plan is not submitted on time, no funds will be allocated in the coming years.”

He said that some zoos, such as the Butterfly Park in Surat, which is being developed by the Surat Municipal Corporation, doesn’t have CZA permission.

Surat Municipal Commissioner S Aparna said: “We have submitted the master plan. During their visit, CZA officials said there is a need to revise it and add some more details about new enclosures such as the Butterfly Park and aquarium in the master plan. The new master plan has already being cleared by the Sarthana zoo authorities and we will submit it soon.”

Sayajibaug Zoo Curator Dr C B Patel was unavailable for comments. Zoo officials, however, said the master plan will be submitted soon.

Vadodara Deputy Commissioner A O Sharma said: “We will submit the master plan in next week.”

Junagadh Zoo Director V J Rana said: “We were asked to submit a master plan, but we have restricted funds. Ours is a large zoo and submitting a master plan is a huge task, for which we need extra manpower including consultants and experts.”

He added: “The entry fee is still Rs 2, which is not enough to develop it to the level of an international zoo. A lot needs to be put in before we can submit the master plan. We might say what we want to do, but the non-availability of funds has restricted us to go ahead with our infrastructure development plans.”

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