Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unforgettable Journey For Asiatic Lions Junagadh District Gujarat India

In India, Cities like Rajkot, Jamnagar, Amreli, and Bhavnagar are famous for their tourist attractions. But Here I want to share about one another city from Gujarat State is Junagadh-Saurashtra.

Junagadh, one of the well-known city for its history background, lots of tourist attraction places like Girnar Mountains, Temples, Uperkot, and Sakkarbaug Zoo etc.

So if I am talk about Gir National Park which is also known as Sasan Gir locally lies in western Gujarat, established in 1965. It serves as a reserve forest for preserving the Asiatic lion. The vast terrain—forests, grasslands, rivers and swamps—supports the full Animal Planet menagerie including the antelope, leopard, deer, hyena, jackal and crocodile. The watering holes dotting the region attract myriad bird species—and these areas are jewels in Gujarat’s richly studded safari crown.

There were only a total of 15 tigers when the rehabilitation started. In 2001, the population grew to 338. In April of 2005 the numbers increased to 359. Visit national parks, especially the lions of Gir National Park to learn more about wildlife preservation. Bring along your children so that they can appreciate the beauty of nature at an early age. Teach and educate them about the importance of preserving nature.

Now if I am talk about Girnar Parvat at Junagadh City which is famous all over in Gujarat for Girnar Lili Parikrma which was lastly held at 29th October-2009 for 5 days.

The Parikrama was commence from Girnar Taleti, night halt at Jinabava Madhi, Marvella and Bordevi and return to the starting point on the fifth day.

Authorities like Junagadh Municipal Corporation, health care department, state transport, forest, water supply, police, in addition to social and religious organizations, are on the job of helping about one million pilgrims expected this year.

Mine Personal Touring experience at Junagadh City said that, “There are lots of trustable services available like “Various Nationalize Banks in different areas in city easily available. Rental Car, Bikes are also very cheap. E-commerce cousulting services, Food Zone, Restaurants with Various Menu available.””

May be after few years, with the help of Gujarat Tourism Department, sure Junagadh City can become main historical tourism hub in Gujarat.

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