Monday, December 14, 2009

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“Kesar Mangoes (Keri) ripen in December” farmers, scientists baffled.

There is a brighter side to everything, and the saying also applies to global warming.

Even as global warming is being debated hotly in Copenhagen, mango farmers like Chandubhai Ghesadiya are smiling in mid winter as a fully ripe crop of the famous Kesar mango (Keri) in December has come as a pleasant surprise for farmers in Junagadh State.

"It's a miracle. I have never seen this before. For the first time in 2009, I have seen this occurrence," says mango farmer Chandubhai Ghesadiya.

Chandubhai's fellow farmer Vipul Akbari is equally puzzled.

"Original mangoes normally ripen in May or June," points out another mango farmer Vipulbhai Akbari.

Kesar mangos are grown over 1, 10,000 acres in Gujarat and the annual production is in excess of 12,000 metric tonnes. But the mango is extremely sensitive to climate changes and their ripening in December is a dangerous trend.

Agriculture research scientists are now looking at possible ways to make the Kesar variety more resistant to climate changes.

"There is a need for new research for mango. It's a challenge for the scientist community. We have started research for a resistant variety to global warming," Research Scientist in Junagadh Agricultural University says Dr RR Viradiya.

For the moment though, farmers like Chandubhai are happy, as the off-season mangoes are selling at Rs 1700 for a box of 10 kilos, 10 times the normal price.

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