Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girnar Parvat Mountaineering Competition Junagadh City News Gujarat India

At 21st February 2010 morning, Girnar Mountaineering competition of climbing and coming down of mount Girnar, of the national level was hold and approximately 153 Competitors of India’s 10 States were participated from those 101 competitors are of Gujarat State itself.

Since last two years, there are two type of Girnar Parvat Climbing Competition has organized by Gujarat’s Department of Yuva Sports and Cultural Activities,

(1) Open Gujarat Level Competition
(2) National Level Competition

But on dated 21st February 2010, Shri Fakirbhai Waghela, the State’s Sports Minister will gave flag off at 7.30 a.m. to the competitors to march which was National level competition which live demonstrated by the means of about 12 C.C.

The entire process of the competition including climbing and coming down of the steps of the mountain, by the competitors will viewed face to face by the people with help of 22 digital cameras under VAIFAI system will be done from Garvo Gadh Girnar Parvat.

Government has arraigned to take insurance for all the competitors. The awards will be given as under :

(1) The competitor ranking first Rs. 40000

(2) The competitor ranking second Rs. 25000

(3) The competitor ranking third Rs. 15000

(4) The competitor ranking fourth Rs. 10000

(5) The competitor ranking fifth Rs. 5000

(6) The competitor six to ten Rs. 1000.

Moreover other prizes like trophy, shield, certificate, memento, T-shirts, etc. will be awarded to the competitors.

As Junagadh Tourism Development Point of View, above is one of the most important events for Junagadh City and for all Kathiyavadis from all around the world.

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