Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sakkarbaug Zoo Junagadh City News Samachar Gujarat India

Sakkarbaug Zoo Junagadh City, which has the distinction of housing two pairs of African Cheetahs, has removed the felines from public view due to illness.

The animals have been put under critical care for the second time since their arrival from Singapore in March 2009. Zoo officials said on Monday that three of the four cheetahs — a male and two females— have taken ill, and that the condition of one of them is critical.

Zoo Superintendent Y J Rana said the animals have developed infection in the respiratory system and swelling in the liver. Besides local veterinarians, an expert from Anand City Gujarat India has been called in. They are also in constant touch with experts from the Singapore Zoo.

Sources, meanwhile, said that two cheetahs have responded well to the treatment and have reportedly started taking food, while one has not taken food for the last two days.

The Gujarat State government had brought the four felines from Singapore in exchange of three Asiatic lions. To take proper care of the animals, zoo officials were imparted training in Africa and Singapore.

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