Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kesar Keri Talala Junagadh Amreli District News Gujarat India

Is the only agriculture product from Gujarat to get registered with Geographical Indication Registry?

Alike Darjeeling tea or Solapar chaddar, Kesar mango from Talala Gir will soon have its own identity.

The luscious fruit is all set for registration with the Geographical Indication Registry (GIR) of India, which conveys assurance of quality and distinctiveness — essentially attributed to the place of its origin in a defined geographical locality.

Kesar mango will be the first agricultural produce from Gujarat and the second mango variety in India (Dussheri from Uttar Pradesh being the first), to get this registration. Post-registration, villagers in a total of eight talukas across Junagadh Districts and Amreli districts in the periphery of the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary will be able to reap the benefits of added value attached to their produce. Talala, Keshod, Vanthali, Una, Kodinar and Mangrol talukas are the main centers for Kesar in Junagadh district, while for Amreli; the centers are Dhari and Khambha.

Kesar Mango cultivation in Gir started about a century ago. In the past 100 years, the region has emerged as the hub of this fruit. Namely, the Gujarat government will bear all the registration charges for which the preparations are in the final stages by the Junagadh Agriculture University (JAU), with the help of the Agriculture Market Produce Yards of the various centers.

Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU) has been preparing a presentation with scientific documents, mainly on the origin and characteristics of the fruit, such as its nutrient value, flavor, size, shape and color. APMCs across the two districts will do the registrations for the farmers.

Only registered farmers can avail the benefits.
Once GIR, located at Chennai, gives the go-ahead to the presentation, JAU will work on the logo for Kesar Keri. Only cultivators from the eight talukas of Gir will be able to use the logo, which will add value to their product. “The GI will give an edge to the cultivators. It can get the fruit recognition and quality assurance, which will result in better returns to the farmers through export in other states as well as the international market. Presentation papers are in the final stages,” said a senior JAU official. Kesar is among the most expensive varieties of mangoes. Valjibhai Patel, a cultivator from Talala in Junagadh district, said: “Many a times, a regular variety has been sold in the market in the name of Kesar.

But the registration will assure that there are no duplications. This will boost our chances of export.”
So far, Gujarat has obtained registration for furniture from Sankheda, agates from Cambay, Kutch embroidery and Tangaliya shawls.

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