Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sakkarbaug Zoo Junagadh City News Samachar Gujarat India

After tiding over recent crisis of the illness of imported South African cheetahs, the forest department-run Sakkarbaug Zoo authorities in Junagadh City are now planning to welcome a pair of Hippopotamus.

Recently, much to the relief of wildlife lovers and zoo medico team, four cheetahs, which had fallen severely ill last month, were certified as fully recovered. The beasts, which were removed from public view after they had suffered infection, were put back for public view.

Sakkarbaug Zoo superintendent VJ Rana said, "The cheetahs have recovered and have been brought to the sections where visitors can see them since March 1." Sakkarbaug Zoo is the only zoo in country to own the world's fastest animal. The cheetahs were brought from Singapore under an animal exchange programme. The zoo is now planning to bring a female hippo from Kanpur Zoo under another animal exchange programme.

"We have already brought a male hippo and within the next fortnight will bring the female one to the zoo. In exchange, we have provided Kanpur Zoo with a tiger. The zoo is also going to house four pairs of foreign birds from Baroda Zoo in exchange of which we will give them a tiger, bear and Thamin deer," Rana added.

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