Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Junagadh City News – Cheetahs in Sakkarbag Zoo

Junagadh City Sakkarbag Zoo official to get training in captive breeding of cheetahs.

The state government will send an official from Sakkarbag Zoo of Junagadh to an African country to get training in captive breeding of cheetahs.

Chief Minister Narandra Modi made this announcement while four cheetahs housed in Sakkarbag zoo were displayed for public view on Sunday morning.

Zoo director VJ Rana said keeping cheetahs in captivity is a challenge. The bigger challenge is to see them breed in such an environment.Captive breeding has not been successful in any part of the world till now.

"We have taken up this challenge and hope to succeed," said Rana. Four cheetahs named Adam (8.3 years), Lestard (2.9 years), Alinka (2.9 years) and Malinka (6 years) were brought from Singapore zoo on March 29 . All of them were kept under close observation and after nearly two months, they were displayed for the public on Sunday.

Rana said all four weighed between 35 and 50 kg and are in a healthy condition.

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