Friday, May 15, 2009

Talala Gir Junagadh District News – Kesar Mangoes Keri Production 2011

Price of Kesar soars due to decline in yield.

Mango lovers in the region might not relish their due share of Kesar this season, with the soaring price of this famous breed of mango due to decline in its yield.

The production of Kesar in Navsari was recorded at 10 percent while Talala produced 30 percent of it, which is estimated to be 50 percent lower than previous year's yield.

The mango hit the market a couple of days ago in Navsari, but consumers seem uncomfortable with the price.

Those who can afford the price have reduced the quantity they used to buy earlier, a shopkeeper said.

Akshay Patel from Sona village in Navsari said this year production of Kesar in the region is around 10 percent.

A retailer, Mangaram Marathi said that Kesar is being sold at a price of Rs 50-60 per kg.
Lower production has also affected the export of Kesar from Navsari.

President of marketing yard at Talala, Vallabh Chaudhary said Centre's allocation of fund of Rs 4.5 crore for setting up a mango processing unit at Talala will help boom the export of Kesar from next year.

Mango season in Talala and other areas in Junagadh district starts from the month of May and lasts till the third week of June.

However, this year the mango yield has dropped by about 50 percent due to global warming, unseasoned rains and high temperature at the time of flowering and maturity, the agriculture experts said.

One of the office bearers of Agriculture Produce Market Produce at Talala, Hasmukh Jarasaniya said the price of ten kg box of Kesar now ranges from Rs 300 to Rs 600.

A total of 7500 boxes were auctioned on the first day of arrival of Kesar in the yard, he said.
The commissioning agents and fruit sellers said they they expect to sell only about three lakh boxes of Kesar this year, which is one third of last year's figure when the yard sold nine lakh boxes.

However, markets across Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Navsari, Bulsar, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and other places are flooded with different kinds of mangoes from other parts of the country which include Alphonso, Totapuri Badami and Payri.

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