Sunday, May 17, 2009

Junagadh News - National Informatics Center developed new software

New software to facilitate faster declaration of result.

The Junagadh District administration has developed a special vote counting software that will help in early and accurate declaration of the poll results.

Experts of the National Informatics Center (NIC), Junagadh unit, have developed this new software, said official sources.

According to Atul Khunti, Technical Director, NIC, all computers placed in the seven counting halls have been connected to the computers placed in the central computer room in the election office. As soon as counting data is fed into a computer, it will flash on a computer placed at the central computer office.

Central office computers are fully updated with the new software in which all the related data is pre-fed. This will provide complete details – votes counted, how many votes went to whose account, votes to be counted and the margin of lead among rival candidates.

“The central election office is linked to a computer placed at Junagadh Agriculture University auditorium, which will display all the figures on the screen instantly and will be accessible to everyone,” Khunti said.
According to Khunti, the system will prove helpful for everyone: media persons, political party supporters and the general public.

Besides, it will reduce crowding of the counting center, he said.

Aswini Kumar, District Collector and District Election Officer, said: “Wi-Fi System was earlier used successfully during the Girnar mountaineering competition. It will be pressed into service to display the counting progress at half a dozen places simultaneously. Mock drills in this regard have been carried out successfully in Junagadh Agriculture University.”

According to Kumar, this software would enable faster declaration of result in the Junagadh seat. Nearly 600 officials have been pressed into service for counting, he added.

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