Monday, June 1, 2009

Junagadh District(Saurastra) News – Kesar Mango(Keri) Production

Farmer exports jumbo-sized Kesar Mango(keri) over Internet, earns Rs 10 lakh every year.

Nagjibhai Boghra, a farmer from Ratang village in Junagadh District could perhaps give a tip or two to the state agriculture minister who is leading a delegation to the UK to explore the market for mangoes from Gujarat.

Boghra has a four acre land and nets a profit of 10 lakh rupees each year, selling mangoes overseas over the Internet. He now sells mango saplings as far as Egypt.

Incidentally, Boghra (48) has only studied up to the primary level, but has successfully mastered the craft of growing jumbo-sized Kesar Mangoes. Kesar is the famous brand of mango from Saurashtra and mangoes produced in his farm weigh 300 grams to 1 kg apiece, much more than the usual specimen of the same variety.

He says: “I sell my jumbo-sized mango at the price tag of Rs 800 per 20 kg. I receive the sale order on my computer. I have also developed my web site Several of my customers are from the UK.”

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