Saturday, June 6, 2009

Junagadh District Saurastra News - Kesar Mangos Keri

40% decline in Kesar Mangos production at Junagadh District(Talala) this year. Raymal Kamaliya, a mango farmer in Chundadi village of Junagadh district, had earned Rs 1.5 lakh last year from his farm. Shocking as it may sound, Kamaliya is finding it difficult to buy mango for his own family this year.

Climate change has resulted in drastic reduction, as much as 40 per cent, of the famous Jungadhi kesar variety of mango, which sells maximum.
"There has been no mango harvest at all on our five-acre farm.

This is all because of the weather change that caused major decline in production'' said Kamaliya.
Kamaliya is not alone. There are number of farmers in Junagadh District who could hardly harvest 40 per cent of the mango production as compared to previous year, said officials in government horticulture department of Junagadh.

"Last year, the mango production was 1, 12, 840 tonnes in Junagadh district which is expected to be hardly 45, 500 tones from 16,500 ha land cultivation' said an official.

According Talala Market Yard official, the mango season started on May 5 and till date it has received 5.27 lakh boxes. But, daily inflow of mango boxes is declining with each passing day.

"Last year, we got around 9 lakh boxes in the market whereas this year it would remain around 6 lakh," said sources in Talala Market Yard. Officials said that close to 75 per cent mango harvesting is already over with farmers harvesting an average three tonnes per hectare.

"This year, there was no sign of cold that is required for good mango production.

Also, flowering was late and less in orchards," said farmer Mensibhai.
Moreover, reports of an early monsoon had also threatened to stop complete harvest of mangoes.

"Farmers were afraid that rains would spoil the fruits on the trees. But, now that monsoon will arrive at regular time, we will completely harvest the crop," said Gafar Kureshi, a farmer in

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