Friday, October 2, 2009

Junagadh Rajkot District Groundnuts Markets News Gujarat India

Groundnuts flood markets.

Amid contradictory reports of production of groundnuts in the state this year, various market yards of
Saurashtra have started receiving good supply.

The season has started on a high note as 35,000 sacks of groundnuts arrived in the yards of Rajkot, Gondal, Keshod, Junagadh, Jetpur, Visavadar and Kodinar.

"About 20-25 oil mills started work of extracting oil from the nuts on Dussehra day. Till Diwali, it's expected that income from groundnuts will continue to rise on a daily basis. By then, all 700 mills of the region will start functioning on full scale," said an oil miller.

Producers expect good crop in Junagadh District and Jamnagar District too. On the first day, Rajkot yard received 8,000 sacks, Gondal 9,500, Jetpur 2,500, Junagadh 4,500, Keshod and Visavadar 2,000 each and Kodinar 5,000.

"Along with fresh produce, stored nuts have also started coming into the market. This resulted in a total of 50,000 sacks in Saurashtra on the first day," said a wholesaler of Rajkot yard. But, he also said that as prices are high, selling pressure will continue for a few weeks.

It remains to be seen how much farmers will get once supply increases.

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