Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sakkarbaug Zoo Junagadh City Saurashtra Gujarat India

Animal transfer from Sakkarbaug Zoo to Sayaji Baug Zoo hangs in balance

The proposal of transferring animals from Sakkarbaug Zoo in Junagadh to Sayaji Baug Zoo in Vadodara is moving at a snail’s pace. Sources said the authorities in both zoos are passing the buck and have not approached the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) to initiate the process.

On one hand, authorities in Sakkarbaug zoo say that Sayaji Baug Zoo is not accepting their proposal of transferring Black bear and tiger in exchange of exotic birds, while Sayaji Baug Zoo officials said that Sakkarbaug should submit a proposal to CZA.

Sayaji Baug Zoo is under the Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s (VMC) aegis. VMC Deputy Commissioner A O Sharma said: “We cannot agree to Sakkarbaug’s proposal to transfer male black bear and tiger till it takes CZA’s permission.”

Sakkarbaug Zoo Director V J Rana said: “Till Sayaji Baug agrees to our proposal, we cannot approach CZA.”

Meanwhile, CZA Evaluating and Monitoring Officer Brij Gupta said: “All Schedule I and II animals can be transferred from one zoo to another or state if needed, and this process has to be cleared by CZA. CZA first checks facilities at the zoo for keeping the animals. We have not received any proposal from Sakkarbaug Zoo till now.”

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