Monday, October 26, 2009

Surendranagar Junagadh District News Samachar Gujarat India

A milk war between Amul and National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has virtually started in Gujarat's Surendranagar district.

Unmoved by opposition that it was facing from Surendranagar District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Limited or Sursagar Dairy, one of the 13 member unions of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) — the apex marketing body of all district co-operatives of Gujarat that markets brand Amul — NDDB on Friday started milk procurement in the district.

In fact, going on offensive, NDDB procured over 6,000 litre of milk in the morning session of Friday by paying Rs 330 per kilo fat to milk pourers (MPs), who poured milk at milk producers institutions (MPIs) even as Sursagar Dairy is presently paying Rs 320 per kilo fat to farmers that pour over 3 lakh litre per day (LLPD) milk at village-level milk societies.

For NDDB, Surendranagar is second district in Saurashtra where it has started dairy's operations as per the tripartite agreement that it had signed with Gujarat Dairy Development Corporation (GDDC) and state government in 2003.

"As per the mandate given to us by the state government, in first phase, we had refurbished and started milk procurement through our Junagadh Dairy in 2005, where we presently collect nearly three LLPD through 40,000 MPs and the dairy's processing capacity is being expanded to process six LLPD. Now, we have initiated the step to refurbish operations at Surendranagar through Saurashtra-Kutch Dairy Project," said an official from NDDB, adding that on Friday milk was collected from 65 villages, which was then transported to three bulk coolers at Chotila, Halvad and Surendranagar town each having 25,000 kilo litre capacity.

"Each MPI in these villages have data processor-based milk collection units. They are given a slip in which quantity of milk fat and remuneration that MPs will be paid is mentioned. Initially, payment will be done through village sahayaks,' but very soon it will be remitted in individual bank accounts of MPs.

This system will also help MPs get bank credit at a later date," the official said.

Reacting sharply, Sursagar Dairy's managing director Dhiraj Chaudhary criticised NDDB for adopting dual policy in pricing.

"They are paying Rs 290 and Rs 320 per kilo fat in Kutch and Junagadh districts to farmers, but here they are paying Rs 330 to farmers. This reflects their desperation to counter co-operatives," said Chaudhary, adding that Sursagar Dairy already pays an average of Rs 25 per kilo fat as bonus to farmers on yearly basis.

"This means that we actually pay Rs 345 per kilo fat," Chaudhary added.

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