Monday, April 18, 2011

Junagadh Police Training College - Raksha Shakti Horse Show 2011 with Kathiawadi Marwadi Breed

The Junagadh Police organized a KA-MA (Kathiawadi-Marwadi) Raksha Shakti Horse Show 2011 at Junagadh Police Training College grounds on April 2 & 3, in order to promote equestrian as a sports and provide a good platform for police horse breeders, including the Kathiawadi and Marwadi breed.

Kathiawadi horse show in Junagadh attracts thousands of enthusiasts.

About 150 participants with 45 police horses participated in the show. The show also had equestrian games like endurance race, one kilometer race, riding skills, show jumping, tent pegging.

As per Junagadh IGP Pravin Sinha Interviews, he said that, "Our motive is to promote sporting culture among masses and we want to continue with the glorious tradition of mounted police. Moreover, the show provided a platform for the various horse breeders to interact with each other and exhibit their animals."

As per Rajendrasinh Jadeja who is one of the participants and managers of the event, said in his interview that, "For invoking public interest in the equestrian sports, we simplified and translated the names of the games into local language. For example, the jig-jag race, barrel race and Bellard race were converted into 'garo levo', 'matki fod'."

The show was organized with the help of animal husbandry department of state government and Shri Gujarat KA-MA Ashwa Palak Sahkari Mandal Ltd Gondal.

The Best Kathiawadi Stallion award was given to Bahadursinh Gohil of Rajkot while the Best Kathiawadi Mare was won by Shiva Stud Farm. Kishorsinh T Jadeja's mare was adjudged the Best Marwadi Breed Stallion and Parbat Maru's mare won the prize of Best Marwadi Mare.

Eighty-year-old Ata Giga won the award of Best Horse Rider whereas the barrel race was won by Prakash Natha. Aala Arjan Naghera won first prize for 'Reval Chaal'. Mounted police also presented their chivalrous acts with all royal decor and discipline.

Acharya Ghanshyamji of Bhuvaneshwari peeth who is also chairman of KA-MA Horse Breeders Association said the government should plan a breeding policy and dedicated officers must be entrusted with the responsibility to conserve and breed these horses.

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