Monday, August 31, 2009

Bhavnagar Surendranagar Junagadh Districts Saurashtra Gujarat India Monsoon News

Second spell of rain brings cheer to farmers. The second spell of rain in many parts of Saurashtra has brought cheer to farmers. They feel it will help their crops survive and reduce power usage. According to them, the rain will help bajra, cotton, sesame and groundnut crops. Since the last two days, scattered rain has been reported in the region. Due to delayed rain, farmers had to use groundwater which needed more power for pumping. "We were eagerly waiting for rain. Production will be less than usual, but this rain will help save late-sowing crops like BT cotton and sesame," said farmer Valji Patel from Sayla in Surendranagar district. Sayla received 15 mm rain on Friday. Surendranagar district has received less rain as compared to other districts in the region. "This rain will also help the pastoral community in the district. A drinking water crisis was staring us in the face. This rain will avert it, though it's insufficient," said Laxman Patel from the district. "We had lost all hope of saving our crops due to delayed rain as ours is a totally rain-fed area. Now, groundnut and bajra will get a new lease of life.

Also, rain will help harvest crop in rabi season and recharge groundwater,'' said farmer Narayan Shiyal of Dugeri village in Mahuva taluka of Bhavnagar district.
However, according to Rajkot flood control room, the district did not receive any rain on Friday.

"In the first spell, we received good rain but we still need to draw water from the ground. If the second spell comes, we will get relief and need not use power to pump groundwater,'' said Mensibhai, a farmer in Maliya Hatina in Junagadh district.
On Friday, in Amreli district, Rajula received 17 mm and Savarkundla 52.

Bhavnagar, Ghogha received 65 mm, Mahuva 23, Sinhor 34 and Bhavnagar 10. In Surendranagar, the rain received was: Lakhtar 57 mm, Limbdi 56, Dasada 34, Chuda 15, Sayla 15 and Wadhvan 7. In Porbandar, Kutiyana received 35 mm and Ranavav 9, while in Junagadh, Una received 18, Keshod 8, Manavadar 5 and Maliya Hatina 20 mm.

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