Monday, August 3, 2009

Junagadh City District Tourism News

Gujarat will lead in tourism in next five years

Tourism Minister Jay Narain Vyas today claimed that pro tourism policies of the state will make Gujarat a leading state in the country in next five years. He said that massive investment was being made in infrastructure and tourism circuit development which will take Gujarat to the top position.

Vyas was talking at launch ceremony of newly formed Gurjarat Tourism Development Society. The organization has been set up by people with passion for tourism with sole objective to promote tourism in Gujarat and among Gujaratis.

He said that it was a fact that Gujarat was not among first five states in the country in the field of tourism. It was not because of any problem but because of the fact that after its formation in 1960, Gujarat had to concentrate on other priorities. But tourism is Gujarat’s priority now, he said.

Giving details of the steps the government had been taking, he said that the budget of tourism department which was less than Rs 50 crore has now been Rs 160 crore. In addition to this there were scheme for the development of tourist destinations with budget of billions of rupees. For instance, he said that for Junagadh area along there was a scheme of Rs 600 crore.

Tourism offers more employment than other industries, he said. An investment of Rs ten lakh in agriculture generates employment for 59, in industry for 45 people but tourism gives employment to 89.

Talking about circuit tourism, he said that it existed in India for hundreds of years. Chaar Dham yatra and such pilgrimages were the best examples. But, Indian never looked at them from business point of view. Change in the approach would make circuit tourism very paying, according to Vyas.

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