Saturday, August 22, 2009

Junagadh City Gujarat India News- Girnar Temple Ropeway Project

Delegation presses for early start of Girnar Ropeway Project.

A delegation led by Junagadh legislator, Mahendra Mashru, arrived at Gandhinagar on Tuesday to press for the early commencement of ground work for the ambitious Ropeway project at Girnar Mountain near Junagadh City.

They will make their submission before the consultant of the National Wildlife Board of India.

The delegation comprises representatives of the Junagadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BJP office bearers, Sadhu Samaj and other NGOs supporting the Ropeway project.

Mashru said: “Tuesday’s meeting was scheduled between the local delegation and consulting members of the National Wildlife Board of India. It was aimed at discussing the obstacles in the ropeway project and to clear the doubts raised by some NGOs working in the field of environment and wildlife.”

According to Mahendra Mashru, few nature clubs and environmentalists have raised objections to the project, pointing at the possible damage to wildlife and environment.

“We have made our submissions and cleared the doubts raised during our meeting with the consultant of the National Wildlife Board of India.”

Junagadh city BJP unit president, Karsan Dhadook, said: “We have made it clear that the ropeway project will not harm wildlife or environment. Besides, it will help reduce the damage presently occurring in the absence of the ropeway.”

Mahant Tansukhgiri, a member of the delegation, said: “Some NGOs are putting obstacles. Our view is that before considering their grievances, our opinion should be taken into consideration.”

Sources said the National Wildlife Board of India is scheduled to meet on September 11 in New Delhi during which the issue of the said ropeway project will be discussed.

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