Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Junagadh City District Swine Flu News Samachar Gujarat India

Divine medicine for Swine Flu.

The swine flu scare has gripped the entire nation, and the people in Junagadh, too seem highly ‘concerned’ about it.

People are coming up with various kinds of ideas, from preventive measures to medication to other ways of fighting the virus. In one such concerned move on Saturday, students of the College of Agriculture Engineering and Technology organized a yagna on the Junagadh Agricultural University campus.

They offered aahuti invoking the ‘God of Fire’ to incinerate the swine flu virus to ashes! Some passers-by, who although didn’t seem interested in offering prayers to Agnidev, did wish that the students succeeded in their attempt.

They believe that the idea was not bad if the deadly virus could be controlled this way.

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