Friday, April 2, 2010

Bhuj Bhavnagar Junagadh Ahmedabad Summer Temperature News Gujarat India

Current spell of heat wave is not expected to last long; situation may improve by March 20 Several parts of the state have been reeling under intense heat wave for the last two days, with the maximum temperature going as high as 43 degree Celsius.

On Thursday, Deesa in North Gujarat remained the hottest at 43 degree Celsius, followed by Vadodara City in Central Gujarat at 42.7 degree Celsius, Bhuj City42.6 degree Celsius, Junagadh City and Ahmedabad City 42.5 degree Celsius and Bhavnagar City recording 41 degree Celsius.

State capital Gandhinagar City, known for its greenery, recorded a maximum temperature of 41.4 degree Celsius.

Temperatures recorded in the last two days have been surprisingly high considering the fact that the average maximum temperature during March in Gujarat remains between 36 and 38 degree Celsius.

With the mercury remaining five to six degrees above normal, meteorologists and weather experts say it has resulted in heat waves.

The coastal region has, however, remained relatively less hot, with Okha recording a maximum temperature of 30.3 degree Celsius and Veraval City 33.3 degree Celsius.

According to meteorologists, a hot advection in the deserts of the north-western region coupled with anti-cyclonic circulation over the state has increased temperatures much above normal.
Senior meteorologists at the Meteorological Department said that anti-cyclonic circulation has added to the heat wave condition.

Prof P K Sahoo, Agriculture Meteorologist at the Junagadh Agriculture University(JAU), said it is because of the low atmospheric pressure over Gujarat that the hot north-westerly winds from the desert are coming to the region, causing a sudden rise in the temperature.

He said global warming is certainly to be blamed for the general rise in temperature, but whether it is due to any climatic change is a matter of study and research.

The current spell of heat wave is, however, not expected to last long.

Manorama Mohanty, a meteorologist said, the conditions will improve after March 20, as the north-westerly winds will subside by that time.

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