Friday, April 16, 2010

Property Cards Gujarat – Junagadh Ahmedabad Surat Rajkot Vadodara News

The Gujarat State Government has started a pilot project in seven municipal corporations of the state under which, from May 2010, all registration of new property will be done only through ‘property cards’. The seven municipal corporations chosen for the project, named Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Surat Municipal Corporation, Rajkot Municipal Corporation, Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Jamnagar Municipal Corporation, Junagadh Municipal Corporation and Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation.

It may be recalled that, in December 2009, the state government had decided to make use of ‘property cards’ mandatory for authenticating the ownership of property in urban areas. It had also announced that all property ownership records in the urban areas would be converted into property cards.

The government was forced to take this decision because of illegal use of the ‘7/12 forms’ - a document used to decide ownership of agricultural land - in authenticating ownership of property in urban areas.

Much of the land and property in today’s urban areas was once rural property for which the ‘7/12 forms’ were sufficient. But use of the ‘7/12 forms’ became illegal once they were declared to be urban property. A senior officer in the state revenue department said the project to convert all ‘7/12 form records’ into ‘property cards’ was nearly over in AMC areas.

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