Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Junagadh Agriculture University JAU - Two News Varieties of Groundnut

There is good news for farmers in the drought-prone Gujarat. Junagadh Agriculture University(JAU) scientists have developed two new varieties of groundnut — one for Kharif Crops and other for summer season. Both varieties promise to give better yield per hectare leading to reduced consumption of water, pesticides and fertilizers.

The varieties, named as Groundnut-9 and GG-31, were cleared by the Agriculture Research and Extension Council, the apex body in the state in agricultural research, at a recent meet held at JAU. At the meet, attended by leading scientists and top officials of all the four agriculture universities, including Junagadh Agriculture University Vice Chancellor N C Patel and Anand Agriculture University Vice Chancellor M C Vaishnav, 16 new varieties of various crops including sesame, millet, brinjal, turmeric and chilly were introduced.

Following the clearance to new varieties by the apex body, the two seeds will now be taken for multiplication by the university and in a year’s time they will be available in the market.

R L Savaliya, Director, Education department at JAU, said that Groundnut-9 is a Kharif variety which can give a yield of 1,632 kg per hectare. The three sub-varieties of Groundnut-9, including JG2, JG5 and JG7, give 30 per cent, 20.5 per cent and 15.5 per cent higher yield. It also gives higher kernel yield and has better oil percentage. Besides, it is tolerant to stem rot decease and pests like Gassid Thrises.

The second variety that has also got clearance from the apex body is a special summer variety – GG-31 – that gives 36.9 per cent higher yield. It has showed superiority in the quality of pod and kernel. This variety has been recommended for summer season because of is higher resistance to Gassid Thrises, halophiles and incidences of bud necrosis.

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