Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Siddi Tribe Sasan Gir National Park History Junagadh Gujarat India

The men folk of African primitive tribe Siddi, who were brought here as slaves by the Portuguese, are being trained to become eco-guides of the Asiatic lions last abode -- Gir Sanctuary -- by the Gujarat State Government.

This is a part of the project initiated by the state Tribal Development department in order to improve livelihood, housing, access to safe drinking water and electricity, increase literacy, health facilities and roads to the five major Primitive Tribal Groups (PTG) of Gujarat, namely Kolgha, Kathodi, Kotwalia, Padhar and Siddi.

"Looking at the concentration of Siddi tribe near the Gir Forests in Junagadh District, we thought of training them to become eco-guides, which will help them take advantage of the growing eco-tourism in the state, especially around Gir Forest region," Secretary, Tribal Development A M Tiwari.

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  1. I do not think that the Siddis should be referred to as primitive tribes.If I should draw from my knowledge of them, they had risen to the level of heading provinces. I read about the great Malik Ambar.There must be a reason for them being in this state at present.I would like to add that not all of them are decendants of enslaved Africans.


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