Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saurashtra Kutch News – about Narmada Water Pipelines

With soaring temperature, water looks a distant mirage in Saurashtra and Kutch where many villages and small towns are reeling under acute water shortage for want of connectivity with Narmada Canal Water Pipelines.

While the state government claims to have supplied Narmada pipeline water to 10,000-odd villages and more than 100 cities, Amreli City, Junagadh City, Bhavnagar City and Surendranagar City, Morbi City and Kutch are getting water supply only once in four or 10 days.

"If some areas are hit by water scarcity, we will do our best to supply water there through pipelines. In fact, the administration has already been instructed to take necessary steps to ensure adequate water supply in those areas. That apart, collectors of several districts hit by water paucity have been instructed to ensure fodder supply for animal husbandry in the affected areas to be made available at cheaper rates from the forest department," said State Revenue Minister Anandiben Patel.

According to Gujarat State Water Resources Minister Nitin Patel, 1,100 cusec water is released on daily basis in Narmada canal to meet the requirement of Saurashtra and Kutch. "It is true that most of the reservoirs are drying up. Whatever water left in them has been conserved for drinking purpose. Yet, we are trying to find other alternative means to upgrade water supply in the affected areas. The alternative means could be repairing of hand pumps and sending water tankers," Patel said.

The water reservoirs report inadequate water level as the state registered only 76 per cent rain fall last year. After the last year monsoon, the water level in reservoirs was measured only 50 per cent, following which, the government ordered that the water in reservoirs be kept reserved for potable water. At present, there is only 24 per cent water left in 195 reservoirs across the state, which, it is feared, may not last till June 25.

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